11th Asia Pacific Regional Conference

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Welcome to all participants of the 11th Asia Pacific Regional Conference and Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS 5th Gathering.

The 11th Asia Pacific Regional Conference will be held from 29 June to 6 July 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. The Conference this time is hosted by Girl Scouts of Japan. The Asia Pacific Regional conference is held once every three years, each time at a different country chosen from among the 25 Member Organizations of the Asia Pacific Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). The Regional conference is a platform which offers opportunities for members of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts across the region to work together, learn, celebrate successes and develop partnerships and joint projects, and to network with others.

11th Asia Pacific Regional Conference LogoThe 11th Asia Pacific Regional conference with the theme "Believe, Belong, Be more" is expected to be attended by 150 participants and guests, mostly from the Asia Pacific Region. There will be some participants and guests from countries outside the region. 23 out of the 25 Member Organizations in the Asia Pacific Region will be present at this conference. This conference also marks an important occasion where the region will welcome the Republic of the Union of Myanmar as a country working towards membership (CWTM) of WAGGGS. 

Besides the business parts of the conference such as the Asia Pacific Report, election of new Committee members and bidding of the next conference venue, the conference includes sessions on updates from WAGGGS, discussion on the Membership development strategy of WAGGGS and the region, Governance review, focus group and capacity building sessions like educational programme, marketing and fund development. 

The Girl Scouts of Japan has planned a leadership excursion for participants to visit prominent female leaders from Japanese society from the government, corporate and non-profit sectors. Young leaders from Girl Scouts of Japan will also host a programme for young women delegates and other young leaders from the Girl Scouts of Japan, as part of our effort to promote young women’s leadership. 

Participants will also enjoy some social events such as the AP Regional night and bazaar, the Gala dinner of Girl Scouts of Japan and a half day tour of Tokyo.

The expected outcomes of the conference are growth in membership numbers and quality, improved governance of Member Organizations and enhanced training to support the membership.

Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS 5th Gathering logoAlso happening at the same time is the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) 5th Gathering, a side event of the Conference. The Gathering will be held from 29 June to 3 July and participants of the Gathering will have opportunity to attend several events of the main Conference. It is of normal practice to organize a gathering of the FAPW at the same time as an Asia Pacific Regional conference in the country where the conference is held. The Gathering in Japan this time is expected to be attended by 130 participants from 11 countries. 

Visit this page regularly for updates of the Conference and to read daily updates written by participants.


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Miryam - 3 July 2013 - 1.02AM (GMT)

Greetings from Perú!

Our Cabana - 1 July 2013 - 3.39PM (GMT)

Everyone at Our Cabana would like to send our best wishes to everyone in Japan attending the 11th Asia Pacific Regional Conference.
We hope you are all having a brilliant and very informative time.

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