Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS 3rd General Assembly successfully held

16 May 2011

FAPW Working Group members 2011The 3rd General Assembly of the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) was held at the Yeungdeungpo Youth Hostel, Seoul, South Korea from 20 – 24 April 2011 with a total of 154 participants. Three new members are elected to the FAPW Working Group – Helen Hargreaves (Australia), Junko Satoh (Japan), Susan Locsin (Philippines) to join the three who are serving their second term – Chempaka Emalin Pahamin (Malaysia), Annette Woo (Hong Kong), Soon Duck Chung (Korea). Following this, the Working Group elected Chempaka as Chairman for the next three years with Susan as Vice Chairman. The retiring Working Group members - Yocko Odaira (Japan) and Marian Langdon (Australia) were thanked for their contribution.

Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS 3rd General Assembly - 1The Membership Presentation Ceremony and International Night are very important aspects of all FAPW gatherings. Presentations were carried out by our Patron, HRH Crown Princess Azizah of Pahang, Malaysia who also provided an inspirational address to those present. This was followed by a most enjoyable meal and performances by participants. A total of 67 new Silver members, 24 Gold, 10 Diamond and 19 Major Donors received pins during the ceremony. During the General Assembly period, a total of GBP 9,217 was collected (this does not include money of new members directly sent to WAGGGS). A further amount of GBP 942 was raised in the bazaar.

Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS 3rd General Assembly - 3A very fitting closing to the Assembly was a dinner cruise on the River Han – watching the sun gradually set and the lights of the City take over. Entertainment was provided by two young singers whose music again inspired dancing by participants.

The business meetings provided an opportunity to hear a report of activities and achievements of FAPW over the past three years and a report of projects undertaken with the support of funds raised by FAPW.

Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS 3rd General Assembly - 4We talked more about Terms of Reference, the role of Country Co-ordinators and heard about FAPW activities in several countries. The Olave Baden-Powell Society and the new membership scheme which enables donations to FAPW be accumulated and taken into consideration for OBPS membership were also introduced. Guest Speaker Dr. Kwang Tae Kim, Chairman of the Permanent Fund Committee for Korea Rotary International, addressed the group on the importance of fundraising for the survival of organizations and some ideas of how to approach fundraising.

The Working Group has been careful to maintain membership donations at a level within the financial scope of a vast majority of potential members within the Region. Until now, membership donations have been offered in both US dollars and GB pounds. This has meant variation in amounts being received by the World Bureau, caused by currency fluctuations. The decision was made in 2010 that, following this Assembly, membership donations would be GB pounds only. Additionally, entry level for Silver category would be increased to 80GBP. This is the only change in membership donation levels since the inception of FAPW in 1999. They also launched the new FAPW Membership Brochure. The new membership fee tier and brochure can be downloaded at the Asia Pacific microsite.

Girl Scouts of Korea Girls' Day 2011 - 1Participants also took part in the Girls’ Day of the Girl Scouts of Korea. It was indeed the event of the year, with more than 30 booths set up to exercise cognitive learning for girls in various skills ranging from personal health care, emergency health response, mentoring to women, environment care, modern art, cultural art, promotion of international camp, etc. More than 6,000 girls and young women joined the event.

FAPW Korea as well as Girl Scouts Korea were congratulated on their wonderful volunteers and hard work to help make this a very happy and successful event.

See you in the next General Assembly in Thailand in 2014!

Girl Scouts of Korea Girls' Day 2011 - 3











Get more information about decisions made in the General Assembly in this circular

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