Sri Lanka Girl Guides joined the call to "Save our Planet"

10 April 2012

Sri Lanka - World Thinking Day 2012 - 02World Thinking Day 2012 was celebrated and enjoyed by Little Friends, Guides Senior Guides and Leaders throughout Sri Lanka on 22 February and this year’s theme was in line with the WAGGGS theme, “We can save our planet”. Activities related to this theme were organized in the Provinces and they ranged from managing polythene waste, making vegetable beds, addressing landslides, awareness programmes related to protecting the lake in Kandy, initiating garbage disposal projects and much more.

Sri Lanka - World Thinking Day 2012 - 01Each unit planted their own symbolic “World Thinking Day Tree” and many units had a World Thinking Day Programme in their schools. Walks around the city were organized by Units to make the public aware of the theme - Little Friends, Guides, Senior Guides carried posters designed by them to convey the message of “protecting the environment” to the public.


Future events by the International Section of the SLGGA to celebrate 95 Years …

Four of our young members will be representing the SLGGA at two forums on the Environment:  “Young women taking the Lead for a Greener Future” at Sangam World Center  in March 2012 and the Girls World Forum in the USA in July 2012.  This Team will launch the “Environmental Challenge” in July this year in the different provinces.

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